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Our Investment Approach

Dean discusses the RAISE investment
process he pioneered to help clients
weather all market cylces.


Since 2000, Dean Zayed and Mark Perkins have been crafting a risk-managed approach to wealth management. Their success led them to establish Brookstone Capital Management, an industry-leading advisory business, and Perkins & Zayed, which services over 1,000 estate planning clients nationally.

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Embracing Technology

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Dean discusses
the importance of technology in financial advisory today.

How to Get the Elder Care You Deserve - It's All About Planning Ahead

It never hurts to plan ahead - and when it comes to your own well-being, there’s really no such thing as being too prepared.

Seniors considering a move should take a closer look at what their potential home state has to offer. A new report by Caring.com makes that much simpler - but also illuminates a surprising trend.

Protect Your Assets with an IRA Trust - Here Are the Top Benefits

You’ve spent your career building your IRA - and once you’ve entered retirement, it takes on an entirely new role. This is an asset you value, and you want to make sure that its heir feels exactly the same.

But life isn’t always neat and tidy. Many IRA owners aren’t confident that their children or other beneficiaries are going to be ready to manage those funds after their passing. What’s the solution for an IRA account owner concerned about the financial responsibility of their intended heirs?

An IRA trust could be the perfect solution.