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Investors are looking for performance and protection. Prizm implements an actively managed approach to risk management through a proprietary Risk-Appropriate Investment Strategy Evaluation (RAISE™) investment process. This approach uses an array of innovative, actively managed investment strategies – each with its own built-in risk management methodology.  It relies on up-to-the-minute monitoring of market behavior to help establish our clients’ disposition for risk.

Financial Planning

A strong financial plan accounts for your personal and financial circumstances, your life objectives, and your risk tolerance.

Retirement Plans | Tax Plans | 401(k) Plans 

403(b) Plans | College Plans | Estate Plans

Profit Sharing

Investment Planning

Your financial plan serves as a guide to determine the right types of investments that will meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

Stocks and Bonds | Educational IRAs | Roth IRA

Educational IRA | Simple IRA | Traditional IRA

SEP IRA | Treasury Bills | Treasury Notes

Brokerage Accounts | Government Securities 

Variable Annuities

Tax Planning

All elements of your financial plan must work together to maximize tax breaks and minimize tax liabilities in the most efficient way possible.

Estate Tax Planning | Income Tax Planning 

Capital Gains Tax Planning  

Small Business Tax Planning


Insurance Planning

An integral part of a comprehensive financial plan, protect you, your loved ones and your assets from unexpected events.

Disability Income | Life Insurance

Long-Term Care



Our PRIZM team is dedicated to helping you achieve every one of your lifetime financial goals. Our investment process is designed to protect and grow wealth. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and aims to limit significant drawdowns. Our goal is to help investors build long-term portfolios that experience the power of compounded returns.


We develop your personal financial profile through individual consultations with you. We take into account your individual investment needs and objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame.


We create a personalized asset allocation policy based on your needs and objectives. This policy seeks to maximize your investment returns while minimizing your risk through the carefully diversified allocation of your assets.


We implement your asset allocation policy by investing in a well-diversified portfolio. As independent financial advisors, we utilize a large array of investment options in an objective and independent manner. This gives us added flexibility and creativity in structuring your investments.


We carefully monitor your investments on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain consistent with your life’s goals and objectives. Financial decisions are not one time events. As life changes, so must your financial strategy.


We’ll communicate with you on a regular basis and provide comprehensive reports for each of your accounts. Furthermore, we provide you with the highest level of personalized service, including regularly scheduled meetings, newsletters, and workshops.