Your decades of hard work should allow for a comfortable, secure retirement. Bring our team into your retirement planning to make your financial goals a reality. The nuances of appropriate retirement plans continue to change – ensure you have up-to-date guidance, especially if you’re nearing retirement.


  • If you have years left in the workforce

    • If you are going to be working for years to come, now is the time when you have the most flexibility and the greatest ability to positively affect your eventual retirement plan.

    • Looking into options like retirement plans, including an IRA or Roth IRA, can help reduce taxes that you will pay on your retirement savings when you withdraw them as income. Additionally, you should look into what kinds of retirement plans your employer provides so that you can take advantage of them.

  • If you’re nearing retirement

    • This is the most important time to plan, especially if you are behind on the process. You are not yet retired and still have time to consider your options and organize your assets to provide the most secure financial future possible.

    • This can also be an advantageous time for retirement planning because you may have higher income and less debt. You also still have time to look into different retirement plan options.

  • If you’re retired

    • If you are already retired, you may already be receiving retirement benefits, Medicare payments, or social security income. We can still help you with your estate plan and life planning in general – it is never too late to engage in financial planning.

    • Life can also throw curveballs. If you are dealing with an unexpected disability and will be needing long-term care, and you do not yet have your financial plan in order to provide for this, it’s time to change that.


There are a number of different things you need to consider regardless of where you are at in life. You know what you want, so let us help you plan how to get it. Every individual has a different necessary sum when it comes to how much funding they need to live comfortably after retirement.

First, identifying your retirement income goals and how they fit into your life planning is a necessity. Some important questions to ask include:

  • What will your sources of income be?

  • Will you be eligible for Medicare, and are social security benefits a part of your future income?

  • What other retirement benefits can you count on?

  • What are your estimated expenses?

  • What other savings programs can you take advantage of now to help provide funds in the future?

  • What levels of funding will you need to maintain your quality of life or to engage in the activities you want to in your retirement years?

  • Where will you be living – at home? In an assisted living facility? What will your home-related expenses be?

  • At what age will you retire – at average retirement age, or are you considering early retirement?

After our team helps you identify your retirement and life planning goals and how they fit into your financial situation, we will look at your estate plan together. Making sure you have a secure and detailed estate plan is key to a comfortable financial future.

You will also need to consider your tax plan – without careful consideration of your assets and accounts, you could end up paying much higher tax rates. We will go over tax-favored account structures with you and how to make them work for you and your situation.

Overall, you want your retirement to be as affordable as possible so that you can protect your assets and not worry about your family’s financial future. Whether you are far below retirement age, approaching retirement, or currently retired, we can help you with your life planning and retirement goals.